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❝ Under the cut you will find about 342+ small and medium gifs of Lily Collins. None of these gifs are mine, and credit goes to the rightful owners. Really apologize if there are any repeats. Please like or reblog if this helped you ❞


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"I crave space. It charges my batteries. It helps me breathe. Being around people can be so exhausting, because most of them love to take and barely know how to give. Except for a rare few."

—Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love (via girl-with-a-radio-heart)

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Under the cut you will find #331 small/medium, high quality gifs of MAX THIERIOT, mostly known for his role as Dylan Massett in Bates Motel. All gifs are roleplayable. Credit goes to original makers. Likes & reblogs are appreciated.


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This gif hunt includes 110+ gifs {all kinds} of Louis Cole. None of these gifs are mine and the credit of these gifs goes to the owners of them. Sorry if there are some duplicates of them in it. Please reblog{if you are a RPH} or like if you use these gifs.

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→ the fonts used are ’Orator std’, and ‘Notera
→ comes with graphics for every house.
→ one graphic required, sizing is to be found in the appropriate group.
→ works best with darker graphics.
→ graphics, textures, etcetera, used in this psd are not mine and credit goes to the owners.
→ please do not redistribute as your own.
→ liking and/or reblogging would be very appreciated.

All there is to it is changing the text layers to suit your own preferences, adding your own graphic and making the group of your character’s house visible.

→ download here (mf)


Number one, your number reminds me of your mascot, ha! Anyway.. you are from the same county as I am, so I’m already loving you down, second you are super duper ooper sweet and i actually adore you? sometimes you get hate but you know what they say — let haters hate bc those bitches are just jealous of you. seriously though, i think you are kind and a lovely person!

Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity. 

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